Total Transparency. No Hidden Extras.

Virtual Emcee

Awarded “Virtual Presenter of the Year (UK) 2021” in the 6th Annual Hospitality Awards



Virtual & Hybrid Events

When choosing a virtual host, Emcee or presenter, it’s crucially important to understand what skills and experience they really have. And how they will improve your conference. 

These days, there are so many people who had never even hosted virtual or hybrid meetings before the pandemic, yet claim they are ‘experts’. 

For example, Roy’s fee includes all of the following:

  • consulting,
  • producing,
  • formatting and structuring your virtual event,
  • rehearsals,
  • presenting the programme,
  • interviewing (live or pre-recorded*),
  • working collaboratively to create a detailed running order,
  • writing the script,
  • creating interview questions for every guest,
  • handling audience interactivity, submitted questions
  • using interactive software such as Slido
  • coaching contributors when necessary and
  • operating his own ‘virtual camera’ from his personal, professionally equipped TV studio so he can add screen captions and play-in video inserts.

PLEASE NOTE: video editing pre-recorded interviews involves additional costs – fees would be agreed beforehand).

Roy Sheppard on-screen


Roy’s client charter

Roy promises the following with EVERY client:

I will do everything in my power to add significant value to you and your organisation through my involvement in your conference or virtual event.

I will do everything to ensure that client executives feel comfortable and are very happy with my level of knowledge about your business and what you are all looking to achieve.

I will do what ever it takes to fully understand your business objectives and be a part of the solution in delivering them.

I will make you and your colleagues look good to the audience.

I will make myself available (subject to diary availability) for client briefings on Zoom, MS teams, the phone or in person when that becomes possible.

I will endeavour to be flexible, and open to last minute changes. Some things ‘just happen’. Significant changes that affect contractual obligations are excluded here.

Through appropriate interaction, I will involve your audience so they feel engaged and part of the proceedings, rather than mere bystanders.

I will respect members of your audience and your colleagues at all times.

I will not use inappropriate or disrespectful humour.

I will customise my presentations to fit the specific needs of your audience. To do so requires research interviews with members of your staff or members of your organisation. This is included as part of my role.

If the event is on-site, I am there for your benefit, not mine. I will make myself available to you at any time in order to deliver a better result. And at no extra charge.

I will make myself available to audience members before and after my presentation. I do not ‘rush off’ after my sessions (unless there is a ‘last’ flight to catch that we have mutually agreed is our only option!)

When asked, I will help speakers, panellists and other contributors present themselves more professionally and with greater impact.

You will not be charged any ‘hidden extras’. What we agree is what you pay. Once fees are agreed, the ‘meter is not ticking’.

    My fee is sometimes open to negotiation depending on the circumstances. An example; for a ‘tour’ of corporate roadshows, my fee can be adjusted.

    I will not engage in promotion of my own products and services to YOUR people.

    If the scope of the project changes, any additional charges will be discussed and agreed beforehand. There will be no ‘Invoice Surprises”.

    All dealings with my office will be professional, courteous and timely.

    I will be easy to work with. I am NOT a Prima Donna.

    If you have any questions or queries about this Client Charter or would like to discuss how Roy could help you with any forthcoming meetings, please get in touch.

    • Book Roy for your next conference and you can relax about what will happen on-stage or on-screen
    • He will help you and your colleagues clarify your conference objectives
    • He will help you achieve those objectives
    • He will have a deep understanding of the issues facing your organisation
    • He will engage with the audience and create the optimum environment for them to benefit from attending your event.
    • He will provide workable ideas 
    • He will help your presenters do a better job by giving them invaluable guidance and feedback in a non-confrontational and respectful way
    • He will coach them
    • He will do more for you and your company than you expect.

    This is how Roy works. He’s there for your benefit – at all times. Roy knows what needs to be done. And delivers. 

    “Roy Sheppard took more trouble to get to know our business, our ethos, our culture and what we are trying to achieve more than any external resource we have previously worked with.” David B. Rugg, Chairman, Christie & Co.

    “Many of the delegates were amazed at his ability as an outsider to grasp the HP culture quickly as well as understand our products/reseller/end user focus in a very short period of time. This was well illustrated when one of our attendees asked Roy if he was an HP employee or a professional…!!”

    David McDonald, Event Co-ordinator, Hewlett-Packard




    If you would like to discuss a project with Roy at no charge or without any obligation, please email. Roy will get back to you as soon as possible.


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