Roy’s Video Gallery

When reviewing presenters, hosts and facilitators for a virtual or face-to-face event, you need to ensure that what you see is not the work of skillful, rapid editing. You need to know what your presenter REALLY looks and sounds like – LIVE. Not just their best bits!

So, watch Roy in action – LIVE and un-edited. The videos are deliberately long, so just skip through them for a flavour of his style, energy and humour.

You will also find a number of pre-recorded videos listed below.

Live webinar interviewing Roger Fisk, former political strategist to President Obama. Live. Un-edited.


Live webinar interviewing Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, former Director General of the CBI. Un-edited.

39 mins

Live One of Four One-Hour Online TV show for EACTS (The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery). Production was in Rennes, France. Roy was in the UK. Live guests dropped in from all over the world including: Los Angeles, Uruguay, the UK and Switzerland.

1hr 00min

Pre-Recorded. (March 2020) Delia, Jamie, Tom and Nigella can film in their kitchens, so can Roy! In this 10 minute tutorial video, Roy offers practical advice for hosts, participants and speakers to improve online meeting etiquette and professionalism.

10 mins

A detailed explanation from Roy’s client Andreas Felser about how he has added value each year he facilitated his EANM congress to 5-7,000 people.

11 mins 40 seconds.

Humourous LIVE clip by Roy in front of 5,000 nuclear medicine researchers and clinicians.

1 min 15 seconds

Recording: Why professional hosts are an investment, not a cost.

5 mins 15 seconds

Recording: Online presenting

4 mins

Interviewed at The Meetings Show about how to brief a facilitator.

4 mins 28 seconds

Interviewed about being chosen to host one of the first Hybrid meetings in 2017.

7 mins 50 seconds

Recording: Why Lisa Ware recommends Roy as a speaker.

2 mins 18 seconds

Recording: 2015 facilitator showreel

2 mins 30 seconds

Recording from 2014 (yikes!) but still relevant: Roy’s ‘process’ ahead of facilitating a live or virtual conference

4 mins 24 seconds

Another Recording from 2014: Roy explaining the difference between a link presenter and a conference facilitator

2 mins 57 seconds

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