Media Guest: Roy sheppard

For more than a decade Roy was a professional fulltime BBC and ITV broadcaster on network radio and TV.

He was a TV presenter, reporter, journalist, interviewer, news anchor, producer, voice-over and scriptwriter.

He KNOWS what radio producers, interviewers and podcasters want and need from their guests. That’s what he does. And its why he is asked back as a guest so often.

He has written many articles for UK national newspapers and magazines.


for radio producers & podcasters

Because of Roy’s background as a BBC presenter and reporter, Roy knows how essential it is to be interesting, entertaining, high-energy, spontaneous, mischievous and controversial (when required), full of pithy anecdotes and stories to illustrate the points he will make to engage your interviewer and your audience.

He is also very adept at handling live audience Q&A. And also extremely aware of TIME.

An Embarrassing True Story

“One day when I was a BBC TV breakfast news presenter, he had a long, friendly chat with a little old lady who’d been invited in to talk about her role as a charity ambassador.

Soon after she left, my colleagues were beside themselves with excitement that they’d met her. It makes me cringe to retell this, but I actually said this out loud:

“Who IS Audrey Hepburn?”

(NOTE: if you ever want me to tell this story – please don’t give away the punchline by saying “Tell us about when you met Audrey Hepburn” Interviewers have done this!!)

Roy Sheppard

interview examples

One hour interview by the BBC’s Emma Britton.

BBC Radio interview with Emma Britton

by Roy Sheppard

BFM Radio is the top English language radio station in Malaysia. Here Roy talks with Freda Liu about his eBook “How to Be a Cool Guy”

BFM Radio interview with Freda Liu

by Roy Sheppard

Interview with BBC Radio 2’s Vanessa Feltz about Roy’s dating book “How to be The One” (the eBook title is “How to be LOVED: from Dating to Mating)

BBC Radio interview with Vanessa Feltz

by Roy Sheppard

Interviewed by Kevin Mincher for the “Unstoppable Teen” podcast about Roy’s lifestyle guides for teenagers.

Podcast interview with Kevin Mincher

by Roy Sheppard

unstoppable teen

Also featured on:

roy’s relationship books

How to be Loved
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Meet Greet & Prosper
business development book
Venus the Dark Side

books (now out of print)

Meet Greet & Prosper
business development book

Talking Point Ideas


  • Personal development for singles+.
  • Introducing the 24 hour weekly ‘marriage’
  • Dating advce for women
  • How to turn off a man
  • How to turn off a woman
  • Does he pass the ‘3pm test’?

Conferences and Events Industry

  • Is ‘virtual’ here to stay? Latest trends.
  • Are your virtual events too ‘amateur’?
  • Why you need to adopt more professional TV production techniques to virtual events.


  • Building profitable business relationships with integrity
  • Networking techniques.

Happy to discuss any other related topics.


Roy is a former BBC network TV presenter, interviewer and reporter in England. He is the author of 7 books. He is a trained hypnotherapist.

After YEARS of being asked for advice by his single female friends, Roy came up with a blueprint for dating success. His original book “How to BE The One” sold out. He was interviewed about this new approach to dating by major magazines such as the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine, lots of radio shows and even on CNN in the US.

“How to be LOVED” is the updated eBook version.

He lives in rural Somerset, England.

Contact Roy

Email: info [@]