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Virtual & Hybrid Conferences

Professional Online TV Presenter & Producer


With decades of live BBC TV experience, Roy is regularly asked to present LIVE online TV shows: often to accompany or run alongside virtual conferences and congresses. 


Roy is renowned for his focused, yet relaxed, informal, entertaining and engaging style.


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Roy is a master MC and facilitator at large and smaller international conferences.

Whether the audience is 100, 6,300 (Barcelona) or even 9,000 (Las Vegas) Roy is equally at home chairing complex panel discussions, interviewing senior executives, expertly and seamlessly using event technology and engaging with audience members.

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Roy has provided career and presentation coaching to individuals at all levels within corporate and not-for-profit organisations.

Roy has coached countless CEOs and senior executives on how to improve their impact, charisma and presentation skills.

Presentation Coach

Executives do not always present well. Roy often gets asked to coach presenters – either on-site or in the weeks leading up to your conference. Roy has trained and coached thousands of executives and medical professionals.

Follow the link to the “Presentation Skills for Medical Professionals” online course here:

Fees are calculated on a ‘per delegate’ basis.

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Roy Sheppard discussing hybrid meetings


Expert High-Stakes Facilitation

No matter why you are holding a small or large meeting that includes genuine discussion and dialogue, it often pays to bring in a well-briefed, experienced external facilitator like Roy to keep everyone focused and moving forward towards a common goal. When the stakes are high – Roy can be trusted to guide the discussions and deliver the desired results.


  • 2 day strategy meeting for the ZimmerBiomet Institute to help develop a 5 year medical education plan following the integration of Zimmer and Biomet.
  • Five annual 2 day technology meetings with HP’s most important CTO (Chief Technology Officer) EMEA clients to discuss highly complex, business and technical challenges.
  • Roy is particularly adept at facilitating meetings where there’s an ‘elephant in the room’ that needs ‘managing’.
  • So, if you have a meeting or conference which may (or should) include some ‘difficult’ conversations, but you or your senior team are afraid to address them, Roy can help you. And then guide everyone during the event. Roy has worked on conferences and meetings that were highly-charged – such as mass redundancies, hostile mergers and other ‘bad news’ scenarios.

Photo – cover of Conference and Incentive Travel magazine more than 25 years ago!




Video Interviewer

Bring your events and websites alive with engaging videos.Working with your video/TV crew, as a former BBC TV reporter Roy understands how to gain the best insights from your live or remote attendees when recording vox-pops. Roy routinely interviews people on video at conferences. Or prior to an event via online screen-capture technology. These videos are often played at a live conference.  Or as video inserts on a virtual conference.

If you don’t have a video crew, Roy can provide his own. If his on-site schedule permits, he can also edit the footage he shoots – all at no extra cost.

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Voiceovers & Podcasts

Do you have a script that needs writing or voicing? Roy can help you from his home sound studio.

Audio books, documentaries, commercials, corporate video narration, e-Learning, training, web video and audio content, radio imaging, radio and TV promos, interviews, radio and TV news reading and a presenter on BBC Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio 5, LBC Radio in London, and a BBC continuity announcer, live and recorded awards ceremonies and stadium announcing, Roy has really done it all.

And if you’re British yourself – you’ll know BBC1’s ‘Points of View’. For many years Roy was a resident letter reader on this prime time network TV show.

If you are looking for a neutral British ‘BBC’ style voice that is warm, friendly, yet authoritative, or if you need something with a bit more ‘punch’, enthusiasm and energy, Roy can help you achieve the precise result you are looking for. But please don’t ask him to do ‘sexy’. He is still emotionally scarred following a request by a producer early in his voiceover career to imagine lying in bed with a beautiful woman. After the next take, the producer remarked in his ‘cans’ “You haven’t really done that very much, have you” 🙂

He will deliver ‘cleaned’ and edited audio, quickly and accurately to your exact brief.



Podcasts (online radio shows) are HUGELY popular with audiences who download and listen while travelling or working out, yet few organisations take them seriously.

As a former BBC radio 4 presenter and reporter (including the Sony award winning “In the News”), and with his own prime-time programmes on LBC talk radio (“Success with Roy Sheppard”) in London, Roy has vast experience delivering broadcast, as well as corporate radio programmes and podcasts.

Roy can help you create a high-quality downloadable podcast for your different audiences.

Talk to Roy about this fantastic way to communicate with global audiences.




Executive Producer & Meeting Designer

A conveyor belt of dull, uninspiring speakers still seems to be the norm. The CEO/MD first, followed by the finance director with a history lesson that no one understands (or even cares about) followed by the latest ‘initiative’ from HR or the marketing department. That’s pretty standard, low-quality corporate meeting design.There is a much better way. Roy will help you explore options to improve engagement and relevance. By being the ‘conscience of your audience’ he will help you design your conference – either directly, or in collaboration with your chosen production company/agency.

For associations, working alongside congress committees, with great sensitivity, Roy opens the eyes and minds of your volunteers to re-invent and re-energise your meetings. Offering low-risk, high value ideas and techniques to bring old-fashioned meetings back to life.


Roy on-stage


Online Training & Video Production

Roy has created a number of video-based online courses for corporate clients. Including “Presentation Skills for Medical Professionals”. Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss a project you would like help with.




Unique Skill-set

When Roy is hired, he brings with him decades of experience as a writer, communication expert, executive producer, large and small meeting facilitator, speaker, performance and presentation coach, trainer, video reporter, virtual presenter, vision-mixer, radio interviewer and voiceover.

Whatever skills are required to help you deliver the best possible result, all this experience and all these skills are available to you within his fee. Once his responsibilities and fee have been agreed, there is no running ‘meter’ or ‘extras’.

Roy is proactive and easy to work with. He is full of practical ideas that will help you engage with your audience in appropriate and relevant ways.



Event Tech Specialist

Using a ‘virtual camera’ Roy can vision-mix his own live video feed on virtual conferences. Technicians love the fact he can do this – and many are in awe of his technical dexterity borne out of a long career at the BBC when he vision-mixed whilst presenting to camera.

Interactive technology now makes it possible for live or virtual audiences to contribute and engage more than ever before. Roy routinely uses remote event technologies such as and



Webinars – producer and host

More and more meetings are taking place online. The cost and time savings can be considerable. Some webinars are far more important than others. For those, you are strongly recommended to hire a professional like Roy.eTouches (now Aventri), the global cloud-based conference and congress software solutions company wanted to engage with their biggest global clients; many of whom are global event directors for Fortune 500 companies. Their time is precious. So it was decided to offer a series of online webinars to share the latest technology developments.

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Speaker/ Workshop Leader/Trainer

Most of Roy’s clients repeatedly book him primarily as their facilitator/MC.

However, at no extra charge Roy offers to give keynote and workshop lectures and training sessions on a variety of relevant business, personal and career development topics. In some cases, a session that is outside Roy’s area of expertise can be held with Roy leading it as a facilitated discussion.

For virtual meetings, he can pre-record 5 minute mini-seminars on a variety of the topics below:

These are the most popular topics Roy is asked to deliver:

  • Meet Greet & Prosper – a ‘keynote’ at the opening of any conference where with networking is an important element of your conference. This session is deliberately structured to ensure every attendee meets at least 4-5 new people. Roy is the leading European expert on this topic and his talk is fun, engaging, interactive and inspiring. He is also the author of the short eBook “Meet Greet & Prosper” which this talk is based on.
  • Presentation Skills Masterclass. This interactive workshop/training session lifts the lid on how professional speakers design, structure and deliver engaging, entertaining and inspirational presentations.
  • “How to be Upbeat in a Downbeat World”. Stress is everywhere. And its constant. How do you deal with it? This thought-provoking session provides practical strategies and techniques to help you develop resilience and manage/enhance your personal energy (without any artificial stimulants!)



If you would like to discuss a project with Roy at no charge or without any obligation, please email. Roy will get back to you as soon as possible.

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