Conference Moderator




As the world returns to some kind of normality, more live events are being planned.

Roy has a unique skillset, perfect for this new world of live and hybrid events – someone equally at ease in the live environment, but also adept at holding together the online component of your event – editorially as well as the technical complexities.

Production companies in particular love working with someone who doesn’t need ‘hand-holding’. Indeed, Roy has introduced various new, but robust technical solutions which live events producers are not always aware of.

Case Study:

Pre-pandemic in 2017, it was Roy the organisers turned to to facilitate FRESH, which attempted to conduct one of the world’s first large-scale international HYBRID meetings. Mini-conferences took place simultaneously in Poland, Portugal, London, The Hague and Brussels (where Roy facilitated panel discussions in real time between the different locations.)  


With his background as a former BBC location reporter, Roy seamlessly integrates ‘live’ in-the- room meetings with the online video component.

Roy is a master MC and facilitator at large and smaller international conferences. Whether the audience is 100, 6,300 (Barcelona) or even 9,000 (Las Vegas) Roy is equally at home chairing complex panel discussions, interviewing senior executives, expertly and seamlessly using event technology and engaging with audience members.

Roy brings events to life with his humour, energy and most importantly, his deep knowledge of the issues and challenges being faced by the assembled group. He always represents the ‘conscience’ of his audiences.

When English is not the attendees’ first language he instinctively adjusts the pace of his delivery. And has a finely developed ‘radar’ to pick up on comments from speakers and contributors which could be misunderstood; either accidentally or deliberately! He has a knack of being able to repeat key points using different vocabulary as additional help for non-native English speakers.




If you would like to discuss a project with Roy at no charge or without any obligation, please email. Roy will get back to you as soon as possible.

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