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Interview with BBC Radio’s Steve Yabsley about the launch of “Meet Greet and Prosper”

BBC Radio interview with Steve Yabsley - click to listen

by Roy Sheppard

BBC London with Carrie and David Grant. June 2024 talking with Roy about his new eBook and audiobook “Meet Greet and Prosper”.



BBC London Radio interview with Carrie and David Grant - click to listen.

by Roy Sheppard

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to dive into Roy Sheppard’s updated Meet, Greet & Prosper during a flight to Vancouver for the MDRT annual meeting. What a game-changer! As I prepared to engage with over 5,000 attendees, I was equipped with the ultimate blueprint for making this the most connected conference in my 15 years of attending.
Roy’s timeless yet updated tips for mastering meetings, conferences, and social gatherings are pure gold This is the guide I wish I had back in 2002 when the book was first published. It’s packed with simple, effective networking strategies that you can easily digest in one sitting.
This book is destined to become a well-thumbed resource on my Kindle. It’s an easy recommendation for anyone looking to expand their network and achieve greater success. Join me in unlocking your potential with Roy’s invaluable insights!
Doug Bennett

Founder, The Goals Guy

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Producers and researchers ask Roy back as a guest because he knows what they want from a guest and delivers entertaining, energetic and thought-provoking content for audiences.

His home TV and radio studio is equipped with 500mbps hard-wired internet,

professional cameras, sound, lighting and 5 metre greenscreen.

For radio interviews he uses an In:Quality SIP Codec for studio quality audio.

Topics include:

  • Networking as the author of the eBook and audiobook “Meet Greet and Prosper”
  • The changing world of work,
  • In particular, freelancing and the ‘gig’ economy
  • Dating (author of “How to be LOVED: from Dating to Mating” and the paperback version “How to be The One” as featured in YOU magazine (Mail on Sunday) and on CNN- see below.
  • Business relationships
  • The in-person and online conference industry (Roy was awarded “Virtual Presenter of the Year” (UK) 2021.


Roy’s Background

Roy worked as a full-time BBC and ITV broadcaster for more than a decade, hosting mostly live news, features and interview shows on network TV and radio (BBC1, Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 5.)

He was also host and producer of “Success with Roy Sheppard”, a prime-time business talk show on LBC Radio in London. He has been a guest contributor on countless radio and TV shows in the UK, the US and in Asia.

Roy has also written for and been interviewed for numerous national newspapers and magazines.

Today, he MCs and facilitates major international conferences and medical congresses, often attended by 3,000-9,000 delegates.

BFM Radio is the top English language radio station in Malaysia. Here Roy talks with Freda Liu about his eBook “How to Be a Cool Guy”

BFM Radio interview with Freda Liu - click to listen.

by Roy Sheppard

Interview with BBC Radio 2’s Vanessa Feltz about Roy’s dating book “How to be The One” (the eBook title is “How to be LOVED: from Dating to Mating)

(For non-UK based producers, Vanessa Feltz is practically a ‘National Treasure’!)

BBC Radio interview with Vanessa Feltz - click to listen

by Roy Sheppard

Here Roy is interviewed about teen self-esteem for the UnstoppableTeen podcast

Interview about teen self-esteem- click to listen.

by Roy Sheppard

unstoppable teen

 Interviewed for the Maria Franzoni speaking industry podcast. Click image to listen.

Interviewed by the global business event advocacy group The Iceberg. To watch, click on the image.

Interviewed on the Spot Me podcast. Click right to listen.

As seen and heard

Featured in The Sunday Times in 1998 (!) about Roy’s views on the future world of freelancing.

The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine. Click on the image to download the double page spread they published about Roy’s dating book “How to Be The One”. or click here for the online article.

Interviewed about his book “How to be The One” on CNN.

Toastmasters is a global organisation which has taught millions of people how to give presentations. Their global magazine is distributed to more than 350,000 members. Roy and his work as an international facilitator was the subject of a detailed article with the title “Comfortable with Chaos.”




Would You Try to Stop a Trainwreck from Happening?




The Introverts’ Guide to Surviving Parties.




Date Hot – Avoid Cold – Marry Warm.

LinkedIn article by Roy about hiring on-stage talent.

LinkedIn article by Roy about how to brief a facilitator.

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