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Since the launch of the AI tool ChatGPT, we have been exploring the viability of translating “How to be LOVED” into various languages including:

Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Latin America), Russian, Malay, Japanese, Punjabi, German, Vietnamese, Korean, French (France), French (Canada), Italian, Turkish, Thai, Gujarati, Filipino, Persian (Farsi) and Welsh (Roy is Welsh).

 European Spanish is released below

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Cómo Ser AMADO: Desde Citas hasta Apareamiento


 Cómo Ser AMADO: Desde Citas hasta Apareamiento (Espanol + Inglés )



Desarrollo personal para mujeres y hombres solteros

Este eBook te ayuda a desarrollar niveles más altos de alfabetización emocional, autoconciencia, autoestima y confianza para que finalmente puedas romper las cadenas de la ‘esclavitud emocional’. Insightful, estimulante e inspirador, “Cómo ser AMADO: de las citas al apareamiento” está escrito en un estilo atractivo y entretenido, con historias edificantes y casos de estudio presentados por un maestro cuentacuentos.

“El camino de la autoayuda hacia el amor verdadero” Revista Mail on Sunday YOU.

Si estás soltera, ¿por qué alguien elegiría detener su propia búsqueda una vez que te ha conocido? Especialmente en el mundo en línea de hoy, donde casi todos están a un clic de ser el “ex” en “pró-x-imo”.

Casada, soltera o en una relación, aprende cómo mejorar tu Fitness Emocional fortaleciendo tu Núcleo Emocional: las cuatro cualidades que te brindan la estabilidad emocional, la profundidad y la fuerza emocional para hacerte tan irresistible para una pareja como ellos lo son para ti.

¿Cuáles de estas cualidades son las más atractivas para ti: alguien que es amable, considerado, cariñoso, comprometido, honesto, confiable, compasivo, feliz, interesante, optimista, con un buen sentido del humor, inteligente y físicamente atractivo? Pero, ¿cuántas de estas mismas cualidades posees?

Adopta y absorbe sabiduría, perspicacia e ideas prácticas que cambian la vida para mejorar tu relación actual o prepárate para encontrar a La Persona que aún no has conocido. Incluye más de cien Recordatorios Diarios de Detener y Comenzar para ayudarte a ser La Persona. A partir de hoy.

How to be Loved


How to Be LOVED (in English)



Personal development for single women and men

This eBook helps you develop higher levels of emotional literacy, self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence so you can finally break the chains of ’emotional slavery’. Insightful, stimulating and inspiring “How to be LOVED: from dating to mating is written in an engaging and entertaining style with uplifting stories and case studies by a master storyteller.

“How to be LOVED. Whether you’re single, married, coming out of a relationship, or just want to get on with people better, this will help…an inspiring new book” Bella Magazine

“This new book will teach you a whole new attitude – you’ll be fighting the men off!” More! Magazine

“The self-help path to true love” Mail on Sunday YOU magazine.

If you are single, why would anyone choose to stop their own search once they’ve met you? Especially in today’s online world where almost everyone is now only a click away from being the “ex” in “n-ex-t”.

Married, single or in a relationship, learn how to improve your Emotional Fitness by strengthening your Emotional Core: the four qualities that provide you with the emotional stability, depth and strength to make you as irresistible to a partner as they are to you.

Which of these qualities are the most appealing to you: someone who is kind, considerate, loving, committed, honest, reliable, compassionate, happy, interesting, optimistic, GSOH, intelligent and physically attractive? But how many of these same qualities do you possess?

Adopt and absorb life-changing wisdom, insights and practical ideas to improve your current relationship or prepare yourself for The One you have yet to meet. Includes a hundred plus Daily Stop & Start Reminders to help you to be The One. Starting today.

Buy the English versions below.

News of other languages will be added when they have been published.

How to be Loved

How to Be a Cool Guy


Roy has never been ‘cool’. He’s known that for a long time. As someone who worked in TV for many years, he got to know a lot of cool guys. Roy wanted to discover why they were – and he wasn’t. His findings were surprising. Being truly ‘Cool’ is NOT what you may think. In fact, its often the opposite to the common perceptions around ‘cool’.

This is a short eBook.

It is unashamedly aimed primarily at men. However, since it was published, a lot of women have said large parts of it also relate to ambitious women.

How to be Loved

All About You


For teen girls. Everything you wish you’d been told when you were a teenage girls. These are the pre-dominantly 4 and 5 star reviews by mothers and daughters who read the paperback version of this eBook.

How to be Loved

Girls Money  Power


Any parent with a teenage son knows he won’t listen. So send him this book and refuse to cook, clear up after him or do his laundry until he’s read it!

GIRLS MONEY POWER and Other Cool Life Secrets for Teen Guys provides priceless information, knowledge, insights and wisdom every teen guy needs in order to create a successful future for himself as a man.

Seriously good. Ben (17) UK

Brilliantly balanced perspective and advice relating to many of the facets we need to master to develop from a boy to a ‘real man.’ Although as a husband and father I have learned most of the threads the hard way, the wise advice, if heeded, will advance the development of any young man and help him to mitigate mistakes in life. Some parts of the book had me laughing out loud, particularly the chapter on women, which described my wife and me to a tee, and she agreed! A great read … Mark Woods, UK

I bought your book as a present for my son (22 yrs). However, I could not resist reading the first few pages and am now two thirds through it. For any father and son, its compelling reading and ‘yes’ I do wish I knew, what he is shortly to read, at his age. Hopefully, he will have no excuses to repeat the mistakes his father has made. Its a wonderful book … 5 out of 5. Roger Wilkinson, UK

I was a little daunted when offered this book to review but I was so wrong to be so! I genuinely thoroughly enjoyed … I laughed out loud … I was expecting a heavier tone but was surprised by the lightness of the text and of the humour therein – particularly in the sections on relationships, women and sex.

The book covers many areas that are typically un-discussed or even taboo within male circles and society and starts, quite surprisingly, with frank discussions about being a man. In fact, what it takes to be a “real” man as opposed to the stereotypical image of one. This, as if not enough to make me sit up and pay more attention, is followed with considerable discourse on the typically most feared domain of manhood, that of emotions! It offers advice, examples and some “tests”, all of which are easy to understand … I can say with total honesty and no little embarrassment that if I had understood these issues during my own hectic, hormone-filled, fakely-exuberant youth then I would certainly have made different decisions on many, many occasion. The book covers both “philosophical” and practical issues … how and why being kind is being strong, happiness, attitude and how to listen to women. Now tell me that those issues would not be useful to any son!

As if discussion on emotions and self esteem were not enough, the author then moves into the realms of relationships and, with welcome inevitability, relationships with women. Oh if only someone had told me back then! You need not get the wrong impression here; it is not about how to “pull” women nor does it provide the best chat-up lines; it offers sensible, mature, experienced advice on what to look for (rather than at), how to communicate (which advises listening – note to all men here!) and even how to spot and avoid certain hazardous circumstances and personalities. It would seem that we men are sometimes the target of “dangerous” female personalities too! The author continues the lighter touch in his treatment of sex … which may resonate with men of all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed Roy’s book… I would suggest that most, if not all, of my male friends read this book and bite that most explosive of male “bullets” – communication. Phil Birch, business editor the3rdi magazine.

Meet Greet & Prosper

Meet Greet & Prosper


Do you brighten a room when you walk in – or when you leave? What mistakes do you unwittingly make when meeting and greeting potentially valuable clients?

This handy book of pocket wisdom offers answers to those questions and many more together with hundreds of practical tips and ideas.


Meet, Greet & Prosper includes:


  • How to walk into any room with confidence
  • Conversation is a dance – learn the steps
  • Tips to remember people’s names
  • How to be memorable for the right reasons
business development book

Rapid Result Referrals


The book that spawned a highly successful seminar for professional service firms which led to the creation of Roy’s online course “How to Attract More Quality Clients Discreetly: Without Selling”


business development book

How to Attract More Quality Consulting Clients Discreetly: without Selling

Online course

How much is just ONE new consulting client worth to you or your firm?

This NEW 4-hour (approx) online video-based course helps managers and young consultants develop more high-trust internal, and external relationships with clients and business contacts in order to attract new consulting business – ethically and discreetly – without coming across as a pushy salesperson.


business development book

FREE Course:

Be Stronger: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Financially and Spiritually.

Online course

How do you protect your mental health and emotional immune system?

This course was created in 2020 when no one could have predicted world events and the spread of the Coronavirus. As tens of millions face ‘lockdown’ and quarantine for extended periods, the timing (and need) for this course has probably never been so great.

This online course was always designed to help develop a new approach to managing stress, improving wellbeing and mental health. In light of what is happening around the world, this online course is FREE. 

Please feel free to share with family, friends and colleagues.

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