Two webinar host case studies – FRESH17 and etouches client forum

Invite your most valued clients or prospects to professionally facilitated online meetings and mini-conferences.

Face-to-face meeting are almost always the best option for meetings. But sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it’s not possible.

Today, online meeting technology is reliable and effective. This opens up all sorts of new opportunities for professional online meetings.

Roy is an expert facilitator for online meetings. .Talk to him about customer and client seminars, training and education, product launches, advisory boards, internal communications, interviews with key executives and much more .

Roy Sheppard about to host the first customer webinar forum for etouches at their European offices in Reading, UK.

Now called Aventri they are a global event software solutions company working with global corporations and associations who organise large numbers of large and small corporate conferences and congresses. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey in the USA. Their 1,200+ clients includes companies such as Airbus, Audi/VW, Dell, Danske Bank, the FT, pwc, Mary Kay and USA Today.

etouches wanted to be able to engage with their most active customers by sharing latest news, new innovations and provide a discussion forum with senior etouches executives. These customers are spread across the globe. And by the nature of the events industry, they are very busy people. So it was decided to create a series of five events; four webinars and one face-to-face in Orlando Florida.

etouches client forum

Roy was hired as the host for all 5 events.

The first event took place late afternoon (UK time) to enable European and US based customers to log on from their offices. The second webinar took place around midnight (UK time) for Australian and Asian, as well as US customers to attend. (One rather keen European customer chose to log on from her home in Denmark!).

Participants rated Roy’s role as online facilitator at 8.9 out of 10, making this the highest feedback score – ahead of content at 8.6.

Check out this LinkedIn article written by Roy offering therapy (!) to event professionals who have yet to embrace the world of online meetings!

FRESH17 – a multi-hub webinar

Hybrid meetings with Roy Sheppard
Left: The pre-production meeting ahead of FRESH17 attended by the technical and production people.

FRESH is an annual event for event professionals. It has developed a reputation for being at the leading edge of event technology and attracts participants who attend on the understanding that it is like an event ‘laboratory’.

FRESH17 was particularly ambitious – it used webinar technology to create five mini-conferences in cities across Europe, Torun in Poland, The Hague in the Netherlands, Brussels in Belgium, London, England and Lisbon in Portugal. Because of the technical complexity of this event, Roy hosted this webinar from the meeting room in Brussels.

Right, Roy is interviewed at Confex 2017 about the fun he had hosting this technically challenging event.