Training the Professors and Lecturers at ESMIT

ESMIT is The European School of Multi-Modality Imaging and Therapy: a medical school for the next generation of nuclear medicine practitioners.

Every professor or lecturer who wishes to lecture on any ESMIT course has to first attend Roy’s presentation and facilitation course. His course is mandatory. Initially that was not popular among attendees, many of whom have been lecturing for decades! Some, initially took offense at being forced to go back to school themselves!

On a recent course, the 22 attendees were asked by Roy “How many of you don’t want to be here?” 5 put up their hands. He later learned that there was a 6th person who declined to admit it at the time.

However, by the end of this day, the most vocal dissenter admitted to his fellow ‘students’ that he had found the training course very valuable!

This is the actual, unedited feedback from all attendees on that course.