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Consultant, Executive Online Producer, Presenter, Interviewer & Media Commentator.

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Articles and interviews I’ve had published over the years in various newspapers and magazines. More to be added.

Booking Conference Talent

  This article focuses mainly on making smarter buying decisions when booking conference speakers and facilitators, although it equally applies to those booking entertainers. In any industry, talent and expertise is made available through a variety of different...

Date Hot, Avoid Cold, Marry Warm

The best relationships continue to 'simmer' for decades, requiring only a little extra heat to bring things back to the boil at a moment's notice! Chicken Tikka Masala seems to have become the UK's national dish. We like our food hotter and spicier - and often away...

How to Brief a Facilitator

Audiences now demand more opportunities to engage and contribute at conferences. They want more interactivity and relevance from speakers. Hiring a professional facilitator who is well-briefed and clear about the meeting objectives, can make a significant improvement...

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