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Would your next virtual conference, actually work better if it was offered as a professional online TV show instead? Or perhaps run one alongside your conference. I could help you with that.

Roy Sheppard: 

Online Executive Producer (OEP)

Anchor & Interviewer

With a long history as a LIVE, fast-thinking BBC news studio presenter and location reporter, Roy has a unique combination of skills: producing, technical production, programme structuring and formatting, journalism, interviewing, scriptwriting and presenting.

Today, this combination of experience has never been so relevant if you want your online events to be of the highest professional quality: as well as being entertaining and engaging for your audiences. 

Technicians are often deeply impressed with his technical dexterity operating his own video inserts, backgrounds and captions through a ‘virtual’ camera from his well-equipped home TV studio.

Think of him as ‘the thoughtful conscience of your audience’. He constantly reminds his clients “How is this relevant to your audience?”

Pre-COVID Roy was booked repeatedly as a content producer, MC and facilitator for complex, multi-million Euro medical congresses attended by 5-9,000 delegates.

For example, his many high-level conferences for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), included facilitating the official de-brief for the Beijing Olympic Games (in Beijing) and the London Olympics (in Lausanne).


“Roy Sheppard is the cheapest insurance I have.” 

Scott Harris, Event Director,

ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers, NY, USA)
























Talk to Roy at the planning stages of your virtual event. He will help you clarify your messaging and come up with a variety of ideas to make your online meeting work more effectively. Roy can also help you by recording professional video interviews to insert into your live programmes.

Roy can also deliver pre-recorded ‘bite-sized keynotes’: a series of short (less than 5 minutes) presentations your audience will find relevant, helpful and inspiring. Topics include: presentation skills, resilience, how to be upbeat in a downbeat world, networking and business development for professional service firms. Using video inserts in this way also adds a degree of professional production to a virtual live event. 

We, as an industry have a duty to provide a service that’s FAR superior to anything our clients and audiences can do for themselves.

Roy Sheppard


Acknowledged Industry Thought-Leader

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Roy Sheppard

Roy wrote this article (below) before anyone had even heard of ‘hybrid’ meetings: ‘Therapy’ for online meeting-phobic events professionals

Hybrid meetings with Roy Sheppard

Roy Records Online TV Interviews

For lots of other video examples, also visit Roy’s other website: ProOnlineTV.com.

“Be Stronger” is a FREE online course to improve your mental and emotional health

What clients say about Roy

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You are invited to call to discuss how Roy could help you transform the effectiveness, engagement and interactivity of your next online TV show or virtual conference.

We were looking for a moderator/facilitator for the opening and closing ceremonies of our annual conference but Roy delivered so much more. His professionalism and very British sense of humour transformed our conventionally stiff events into entertaining, interactive shows – exactly what was needed to get things off the ground.

By generating a lively atmosphere, he succeeded in connecting people who might not otherwise have met each other and left a lasting impression with all of us. If you have ever the chance to work with him – do it!”

Andreas Felser, Executive Director EANM,

I have known Roy for 25 years. We have worked together on many occasions in TV, radio and on the conference and meetings circuit — and he has always been a joy and, of course, a professional. An example is on one occasion we brought Roy in to facilitate a three-day conference (in Barcelona) for a major international pharma company. A large part of the conference was an extended and detailed discussion about the merits of a complex drug for an audience of 170 senior doctors from all around the world, Roy handled it superbly. He THEN had to give them a presentation on how to give a presentation at 2pm, the notorious graveyard shift, and with an audience where only 5% used English as their first language. The fact that the audience were enthralled and ranked the session so highly is a testament to Roy’s skill. Would I recommend Roy? Absolutely yes. He does what it says on the tin — and he does it very, very well indeed.” Richard Cobourne, Producer and Director at On Screen Productions Ltd  

“I have met, and experienced, Roy on numerous occasions over the years. On one recent occasion, he has moderated our HP Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) NonStop Customer Council, a gathering of C-level executives of our most important HP NonStop EMEA customers, where Roy was the facilitator for this 2-day meeting. This is not a marketing meeting! This meeting serves as an important evaluation of the business relationship HP NonStop has with these customers; positive as well as negative, and always highly sensitive, information gets discussed in this, at times, highly charged meeting. Roy’s role as facilitator for this meeting requires him to be sensitive to the issues being presented, add himself in where the meeting is heading into a “dead-end”, and equally important, he knows when to just be quiet and let things flow!  One of his welcome trademarks is his knack for asking the difficult questions, which, for whatever reason, are not being asked (either of the customer or of HP NonStop). His keen sense of timing, his ability to think on his feet, add humor when appropriate or required, all have made Roy a welcome repeat host for not just our HP NonStop customer council, but other events as well! Roy understands, that the facilitator role is not a “show-case” for him, but a role to make the meeting the best it can be. His personality and professionalism put the organizers at ease, and creates excitement in, and for, the audience, wondering what he will do or say next! I encourage you to experience him yourself in one of your next events. You and your event will be better for it!” Mike Hurst, Director, Global Field Marketing/Business Development at HP   

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